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Thomas Bruck

Thomas Bruck serves as founder and president with over 9 years of experience in the online media industry.

Thomas comes from an accounting and legal background. Thomas graduated Summa Cum Laude from U.C.L.A. with a B.A. in Business/ Economics followed by two years as a CPA doing audit and tax work for Deloitte & Touche, LLP. He then obtained his J.D. at Stanford Law School, passed the bar exam and became a corporate & securities attorney at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips; LLP in Los Angeles.

In 2000, Thomas founded SportSkill, an online fantasy sports company which engaged in a joint venture to run fantasy sports games on behalf of FoxSports.com. He and his partner sold SportSkill to Vendare Media in March 2001.

In February, 2003, Thomas launched eMarketMakers, an online affiliate ad network as a subsidiary of Vendare Media. Under Thomas’ management, eMarketMakers grew to over $4.5mm in monthly revenue within 15 months. In January 2005, Thomas took over as Vice President of Sales for Vendare Media, focusing on strategic sales in the financial services lead generation industry.

In May 2006, Thomas joined Find Your Customers, Inc. (“FYC) as a principal owner. Thomas focused primarily on the marketing of FYC’s internal lead generation web sites in the sub-prime finance market segment. At FYC, Thomas and his partners also started a new business line for FYC and developed FYC’s own banking product with the AchieveCard prepaid Mastercard, which now has over 40,000 active cardholders. Late in 2008, FYC merged with WebYes, and Thomas took on additional responsibility by managing various divisions and projects including data management relationships, email publishing, development of insurance products, home appliance warranties, extended auto protection plans and education lead programs.

Matt Minich

Matt serves as Chief Operating Officer of Popular Marketing using his skill set and experience to bridge the gap between marketing, sales and technology.

Matt has over 15 years of experience as a leader in interactive marketing and technology. He possesses a strong foundation in computer engineering, extended with business administration education and diverse working experience in online marketing, interactive development and entertainment.

Matt spent the last five years leading the day to day management and oversight of high volume online marketing operations at Ajax Group LLC, Finance Clicks, Centerfield Media and WebYES!

During this time Matt focused on SEO strategies, optimized content creation, pay per click, affiliate marketing, direct response email campaigns, telephone campaigns, IVR development, call center integration, and complete SMS integration. During this time Matt was a high volume lead provider to over 40 direct lenders. This allowed him to become very familiar with the lender's the key performance indicators tied to different sources.

Prior to joining WebYES! Matt spend nine years at ad2 inc. starting as the lead engineer and ending as Chief Operating Officer. As COO of Ad2, Inc., Matt managed daily operations including HR, accounting, tended to high profile clients, was responsible for the development and implementation of all production processes, and oversaw the full project life cycle from proposal to final development. Ad2 built large scale database driven branded websites and interactive experiences for Sanyo, Bose, Miller Brewing Company and many other big brand clients.

Prior to moving to Los Angeles and getting a "real job" Matt was the show director and performer in professional water ski and stunt shows around the world. This included four years of full time work in Bangkok, Thailand. Matt is a licensed IFR rate private pilot and enjoys an active lifestyle. He holds a bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Bucknell University and an MBA from Anderson School of Business at UCLA.

John Brahy

As CTO of Popular Marketing, John keeps an eye toward emerging technologies and their effects on software development, big data, hosting, networking, mailing strategies, affiliate networks, digital media and interactive content. This keeps Popular Marketing on the cutting edge in a very competitive marketplace.

John's future in technology started when his father brought home his first computer in 1980. Immediately John began programming his own games at age 8. After several years of research and development he started his first consulting company at 16.

He attended California Maritime Academy for his degree in Business Administration and then finished up with Computer Information Systems at DeVry Long Beach.

While in college he was recruited to lead development for a digital asset management division at Insync.Media. While at Insync.Media he designed and built asset management systems for DirecTV, Warner Bros, Herbalife, Lexus and California Suncare.

In 1999, John returned to the Silicon Valley to build another development team at Broadchoice in San Mateo focused on building web applications for Accel KKR and other local venture capital firms.

In 2001 he was recruited by ad2 to work with Matt Minich to build another development team for their Santa Monica office. John left ad2 in 2009 and co-founded Calisto Labs to focus on incubating and marketing new technology.

Then in 2011 Matt Minich recruited John to work with him at AJAX Group to develop web applications for companies in the financial services vertical.

In 2012 Matt and John along with Thomas Bruck and Tam Nguyen saw an opportunity to take advantage of combined expertise and relationships by starting ReachX. In June 2013 Popular Marketing purchased ReachX.